who & why

Born in Cyprus (though half-Polish), and still here 27 years later.

But in the meantime, I managed to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Internet Studies from the Cyprus University of Technology and a Master of Science in Political Communication from the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), to complete valuable internships in Cyprus and abroad, work in the Cyprus Media Industry as a Journalist and a Communications Officer, and now, work for a government agency as a scientific officer.

I remain in Cyprus until further notice. And this is due to my return to Cyprus in 2020 for my “summer holiday”. But guess what; the COVID19 pandemic thought it was a good idea to stay in Cyprus longer, find a “temporary” job, and return to Sweden once the situation gets better. You all know, the situation didn’t got better before 2022, hence, my “holiday” in Cyprus got granted a generous extent.

It is quite obvious I am interested in politics, communication, social issues and other stuff which can directly affect the quality of our life. But what intrigues me the most, is political campaigning. My online activity and my Master’s Thesis stand as evidence. My Master’s Thesis topic is still concerning me on a daily basis. I find the “Negativity” in political campaigns a blessing for contemporary democracies, and a topic that more attention should be paid to. I usually write about it, so feel free to have a look at it. Also, luckily, I got the opportunity to engage into political campaigns right after my return to Cyprus. What I now know for sure is that no book or strategy can guarantee a communication victory.

Apart from these boring stuff, I enjoy eating and traveling – my friends know where to find me during my summer holiday. I sometimes like football too. I can’t stand television, I don’t watch any series, and I rarely watch movies. I have a strange taste in music (from Nick Cave to Muse, Fleet Foxes to Queen, and from Xatzifrageta to Elvis).

I have launched this website to operate as a repository for my thoughts and activity, which I won’t be that regularly disseminating through Social Media, because I need a break from them. And this is due to the amount of time I needed trying to understand and interpret everything in this chaotic digital space in there. At kyriakos.cy you will find every article I have published in online and print outlets, some random thoughts on politics, social issues, and sometimes random stuff concerning me 24/7, so I thought it would be a good idea to share them through a personal cyberspace.

If you want to contact me to find more about me, share an interesting idea, or even want to check the possibility for a collaboration, you can get in touch by dropping me an email or connecting with me through my social media profiles.